Monday, April 10, 2017

Drawing taniwha

We have been learning about Maori designs.

There are four main shapes that are put together in different ways to make designs.

They are:

The koru represents the fern frond.

The Pukeko are the three toes of the pukeko bird.

Mako is the fin or teeth of the mako shark.

Patiki is the shape of the flounder.

Here are our taniwha pictures using these shapes.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Sketching our iconic Totara tree

Totara is  the name of our team and the mighty Totara tree is our team's icon.
We went out to sketch the big Totara on the hill.






Monday, January 30, 2017

Welcome back to school!

Hello new Room 13 learners and your parents and caregivers.

Welcome to Room 13, the best classroom in our school. We have our own private deck which gives us a view across middle flat where the other three classes in our team are. We can see town and even cars going over the Claudelands Bridge.

We start the year with 28 students - a mix of Year 2 and Year 3.

I am Ms Jones. Ko Olive toku ingoa. Here are some things about me, including some of the things I love:

I have one child - a daughter who has just had her first child, also a daughter.
I have two chickens and a cat.
I love doing art. I especially like making prints and drawing.
I love gardening. Our class will be great gardeners by the end of the year if they aren't already!
I love nature and do my best to look after our planet.
I am the Enviro leader in our school.
I am good at telling stories.
I love having a laugh.
I believe learning should be exciting and fun so I try to make it that way.

Parents - please come and introduce yourselves and tell me something about yourself and your family.  We will swim every day so please send togs and a towel to school with your child. I encourage them to leave them at school for the week and take them home on Friday We can dry them on our deck.

Please come and introduce yourself to me. I am interested to know about you and your family.Your child will bring home a sheet with questions about themselves and their family. Please help them fill it in and return to school. This is part of our Turangawaewae unit we start the year with which helps us to get to know each other.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Goodbye and good luck!

Our year has come to an end. What a fantastic class its been. On Tuesday we went to Ms Jones's place for morning tea then walked back to school through Seeley's Gully. Here we are on the deck at Ms Jones's house. And here we are just before leaving each other for the summer holidays. Best wishes to everyone who made Room 13 a great place this year for a wonderful holiday and a return to school in 2017 refreshed and ready to make a new community of learners in their next class. happy Christmas everybody!