Sunday, June 25, 2017


Today we had a visit from a dynamic trio of percussionists called Strike!

Here are some photos from the workshop we had with them.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Visit to Kakariki House

On Friday we went to Kakariki House in Hamilton East with our buddy classes, Room 11 and 12.
Kakariki House is a green building (it is energy efficient and is made from environmentally friendly materials). It also has an art collection which we went to view. They have hundreds of art works from the James Wallace collection.
Here are some shots of the day.

Inside Kakariki House there are pots of bamboo. Bamboo is the msot efficient air cleaner. The plants take in carbon dioxide and make oxygen.

Some children REALLY liked the shagpile carpet!

The wonderful staff of kakariki House gave us morning tea after our tour of the building.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Artists morning

Yesterday we invited some artists to come and work in the hall so the children could see a variety of artists at work.
Here is a selection of photos of the morning.

Ms Jones is a printmaker. She showed etchings, wood engravings and lino cuts.

Shelley is a painter and drawer. Here are some of her works.

Whaea Sheryl is a quiltmaker

Mane is a weaver of harakeke.

Catharine is a painter.

This guy has been painting transformers around town.

Rhonda is a photographer